This annual event began as a small gathering at the back of the local hotel in 1987.


The Trundle bush Tucker Day came into existence in 1987 with a small group of enthusiastic young people identifying a great way to raise funds for the  local charities and organisations, while maintaining a fun filled family day in our country village.  The attendance since then has grown from approximately 100 to over 1000 people.

It has now become a well known story amongst locals, ‘couple of men took part in a friendly bet, a challenge of sorts, to see who could cook the best meal in a camp oven.’ For those of you that aren’t familiar with bush tucker, the event  continues to celebrate bush cooking and food that is cooked by a campfire and with minimal resources.

According to the inaugural general meeting of Trundle Bush Tucker Day  incorporated in 1995, there were two objectives; Firstly “To promote understanding, friendship and goodwill among people of all ages and to undertake this one social event of the year for the aforementioned purpose”.


The second objective was to “distribute any surplus funds from Bush Tucker Day to any worthy charity or organisation”.

I am pleased to say that these guidelines are still firmly in place when current  committee members meet.


Some of the dishes that have competed in the cooking competition include:  

  •   Wattle Seed Plum Duff

  •   Whole Barramundi

  •   Opal Miner’s Damper

  •   Lemon Myrtle Roll with Quandong Compote

  •   Aussie Coat of Arms

  •   Australian Macadamia Nut Brownie.